Monteferrante work has been published in: Quills Canadian Poetry, Fractions, Neon, Forma Fluens, Poesia/Indiana Bay, Motel 58, Word Slaw, poetryfriends, kudos, Sonar 4, Poet’s Ink Review, The Battered Suitcase/Vagabondage Press, Twisted Tongue, Danse Macabre, Language & Culture, Kritya, Burst Now, Yellow Mama, greenbeard, Glass Poetry Journal, Wow, Orbis, Faraway Journal, riverbabble, Blueprint Review, Unheard Magazine, Toucan, Accenti, Sex & Murder, Sparkbright, Record, Valent Range, Skive Magazine, A Propos, Gloom Cupboard, Montreal Serai. Short stories published in: Chicago Quarterly Review (2X), Happy, Taylor Trust.


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Stiletto Heels & A Pork Pie Hat

(poetry collection, 2011, available for Kindle download at amazon.)

Downtown. Big City. Three in the morning. Dreamers, shysters, hipsters, nightowls, birds and hawks down and out or on the make – these, and many more, portraits people the pages of Stiletto Heels & A Pork Pie Hat, the city as it is when the others sleep. Nighthawk at Dawn, Wise Man At The Diner, but also First Kiss are a few of the poems and portraits peopling this collection of poems, a celebration of life, its loves, passions, worries and concerns, a stage of unforgettable characters who are complex: the man next door, the woman across the table, the wife of twenty years, tired husbands, fretful mothers, ambitious daughters all struggling with jobs, friends, relationships; in the struggle, a celebration of life: as bright and vibrant as the neon lights lighting your face in the mirror across the counter, but also that mask of of ennui, the wicked smile of sane cynicism, or that capful of good humor that at the break of dawn props one up for yet another round of life as it should be lived.


 Book Tour Poetry USA Canada Readings Luigi

In Spring 2011, Luigi toured North America for a series of readings, as below.

28/29 April, New York, CUNY/Calandra Conference on Italian Film, Fashion & Food; 30 April, Montreal, Association of Italian Canadian Writers event at Blue Metropolis International Literary Festival; 3 May, Williamsburgh (NYC), Pete’s Candy Store: The Thing About Love, a one-act play premieres; 6 May, Philadelphia, Da Vinci Arts Alliance; 7 May, Skippack PA, Gallery Showing with Ron Bevilacqua; 10 May, Toronto, The Arts Bar; 11 May, Montreal, Visual Arts Centre; 12 May, Montreal, Casa Italia, co-curating Arte Montreal – Generation 2.0 with; 14 May, New York, Cornelia Street Cafe; 16 May, Wildwood, NJ.


At the Hearth of the Devil’s Lair

(novel, 2002, available in print at amazon, see review below)

Canada’s greatest unknown composer, Maddalo McCannuck makes his living by digging holes in the ground at the archaeological site of the Devil’s Lair, in Italy. After twenty years of passionate studies, Mad McCannuck finds himself alone, his wife gone, no friends, thousands of old records and a handful of debris. Until one day, the unexpected happens. A daughter born of his one great love, a college girl whose existence was a secret, comes looking for her dad. McCannuck is not himself. Is he prepared to dig up the past? Can he reveal himself, show her what he really is: a mad composer, an idealist, a loner, a loser? Must he become the enchanting story-teller of the Devil’s Lair? While piecing together the scattered fragments of a mosaic, his past, McCannuck struggles to find his greatest treasure in his true and native land: a family, a home.



Florida English 2010 Volume 8 Special Italian American Issue

Monteferrante, Luigi. At the Hearth of the Devil’s Lair. Vasto, Italy: Tomato Publishing Co, 2002 ISBN 88-900326-4-2

Reviewed by Matthew T. Massucci.

In At the Hearth of the Devil’s Lair, Luigi Monteferrante explores the question of the Great Canadian Novel as his own character attempts to write the Great Canadian Opera. A question of self is examined throughout the narrative as Monteferrante tells a story of the artist’s struggle with dual identity (alluding to the author’s own dual citizenship). The protagonist Maddalo McCannuck leaves Canada and tends shop in Italy while he plumbs the depths of his existence, from his past to his present, in the hopes to mind the ultimate experience of the Great Auk.

McCannuck spells out his plans to restore Can Lit, to explore the vast unmapped region of unwritten epics and sagas. in a letter early int he story. He laments the lack of Canadian movies and books cataloguing the great moments of the fart North’s history. While running a small shop of Canadiana in Italy, pirating and rebroadcasting shows from his homeland, and working as a digger at the Devil’s Lair archaeological site, McCannuck delves into his own past to come to terms with the beginning and end of his relationship with Vanessa Von Kulp, who he affectionately refers to as Van.. Through the use of flashbacks, Monteferrante leads us through the exciting and difficult relationship with Van, who apparition haunts him throughout the text. What McCannuck does not know is that his daughter, Kathryn, has come to look for him. At first, when his daughter comes find him, McCannuck pretends he is someone else, perhaps fearing the past. This reunion sparks in McCannuck a sense of purpose to establish a relationship with his daughter and create a family while carving out his place in Canadian musical history.

Heavily imbued with allusion, stream of consciousness, and musicality, Monteferrante’s prose carries the reader throughout the narrative with skillful ease. Each phrase or sentence inspires the next in his vivid künstlerroman which echoes James Joyce and his, at times, enigmatic prose. Just as Stephen Daedalus wanders the text looking for meaning in Portrait of an Artist as a Young Man, McCannuck travels this deftly rendered landscape with an astute self-awareness. The pastiche-like effect of McFate from Lolita fame and other specters of literary royalty help connect the reader to the notion of creating a definitive Canadian oeuvre. Monteferrante’s At the Hearth of the Devil’s Lair exemplifies a labyrinthine tale of love, reconnection, and composition, much like the famed Devil’s Lair in the novel.



Premieres at Pete's Candy Store New York Monteferrante








Luigi’s THE THING ABOUT LOVE, a one-act play about the ballistics of love, hard-nosed men with broken hearts, premiered at Pete’s Candy Store, 3 May 2011. Produced by Elizabeth Dembrowski and directed by Ted Thompson. Featuring: Bill Barry, Stefano Meglio, Jeffrey A. Wisniewski. Performance recorded 3 May 2011 in New York at Pete’s Candy Store, 709 Lorimer Street, Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Stage managed by Debbie Workman. Sound by Peter Lopez. Special thanks to Suzie Cartman.