Paintings: Books & Readers


Books, books, books. I didn’t even realise I had Painted so many books in my paintings until I fell so far behind in my own reading. Books I have read, books I read a long time ago, too long ago that I must – need – to reread: Dickens, the great Russian classics, Shakespeare, Greek tragedies, an endless list of books comedic, pastoral, all books amounting to the one great book of humankind that I have celebrated and will continue to do so with my visual art, and in the privacy of my own home and studio via my own readings and writing.



dressrehearsalforflameluigimonteferantecanadianartist2016loukatzbreakfastmonteferrante prayersluigimonteferranteartistloukatzwritingsongsluigimonteferranteartist MondayNightSurpriseLuigiMonteferrante2015-05-16 19.41.34 2015-05-12 18.25.36Louis Hausarbeit, The Happy Days 9, acrylic on paper, 100 x 70 cm, 2015. SpyStoryMonteferranteLuigiLostBookofNoReturnsMonteferrante 10639522_10204762554723047_568108573229865213_n2014-06-25 12.05.29 - Copia   IMG_20140312_091200 1505466_10203001469737023_307974166_n 1622731_10203174865231802_993060406_n1544492_10203053535838643_179330082_n 2014-02-11 17.00.401558507_10203198115013032_984062713_n 2013-12-15 12.47.36