Found Objects

The items are found objects. Sort of. “Open your eyes” is what a couple of friends I used to ask advice about the visual arts used to say. And I would pester them with all sorts of questions regarding technique, chiaroscuro, oils, acrylics, brushes; how to draw hands, noses, toes; etc. But it began by opening your eyes. Walking along the seaside in Fall and Winter 2013 and discovering what was already there. In plain sight. And so it began.

Truth be told, once I started actually painting, the work would appear in a different manner, much in the same way as it did in my life as a writer; from within, from the page, from flashes of illumination.

So now, after posting on this day in February 2016, it might be time to open my eyes again.


2013-12-10 19.45.102013-12-10-23.18.34-168x300 (2)2013-12-11-00.01.51-168x300-2.png2014-01-01-23.08.37.png2013-12-31 22.36.292013-12-10 22.53.512013-12-10 22.55.30IMG_20140112_2236162013-12-10 23.13.282013-12-10 23.39.43IMG_20140112_2233582013-12-10 23.49.40IMG_20140112_224519IMG_20140112_2250162013-12-31 22.37.40