Paintings: Les Deux Framboises

Les Deux Framboises is a club, plain and simple, but it has many different levels, entry points, and exits as there are many diplomants and high-rankng military officials who are its regular customers. They come from the nearby embassies and Headquarters of the various military bodies located in the area.

Not a coincidence, Louis Framboise first opened here. All these people had to eat, so what began as a coffee and sandwhich bar expanded into a traditional risto with hearty food and affordable daily menus. A third section opened as an upscale risto for functions and high-level meetings. A bar was added. Then a gym, squash courts, three indoor pools. A sports bar. Open 24 hours. A place where working men and women brought their children, spent the weekend, played squash, ate brunch, relaxed with a good book or listening to a jazz concert.

Sections were opened to the general public; other sections were reserved to different levels of membership, each a sealed sanctuary that corresponded to the rank of its members in the world outside Les Deux Framboises.

Events, too, were subdivided according to their purpose, or utility to Monsieur Framboises whose walls had ears – and eyes.

All this, Les Deux Framboises, fed into Monsieur Framboises main business. Transport. Norhing more, nothing less – transport.

“Nobody goes where we go; why we go where nobody goes.”

Monsieur Framboises was, needless to say, a man they could trust to deliver goods where they needed delivering, a man they knew to be discrete, whose moral rectitude and devotion to business were in one and the same place. Where, we shall not say, but you can well imagine.

“Les Deux Framboises: where nothing is possible.” (Louis Framboises, 20 Feb 2016)

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